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I put the party hats in the microwave.


My dad drew that on the paper.

 Anyways, today i went to the mall with Heather. We both had no plans so we took our non plans and put them together to make a mega plan. We sat in a swingy thing in Zellers with Nick until the mall closed, and walked around the closed mall until 10. At first we hid but then Daryl saw us in the photobooth thing. I swear to god we walked around the mall 50 times. We met up with Daryl Riley Alaa and some other kid later at Starbucks, gross. Then we left.
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Deleted comment

Im Helen. I know your brother. Alaas gay?

ha weird
alaa is gay ? haha . i still think we shoulve stuck with our plan and hung out with jesse and matt @ boppers or somthing . lol

maybe next time ?

- heather -